TuPu Gift Brooch



You are able to customize the skintone, hair color, eye color, coat, and box ribbon.

This brooch was designed by our contest winner The Urban Pinup of TuPu Art and made by Lillian*Madison.

  • Height: 2 3/4"
  • Width: 1"

Each Lillian*Madison® brooch will arrive signed and dated on the back with a gift box.

Each brooch is unique. They are all painted, assembled, and finished entirely by hand.

Design © 2016 TuPu Art®. All rights reserved.


Message from The Urban Pinup:

Hiya all!


I'm known as Theurbanpinup or TuPu for short and I am a freelance illustrator (or as I like to say "doodler") & pin-up from London.


For as long as I can remember I've always had a passion for three things: the 40's/50's, anime and drawing. Being a 90's baby I grew up on a lot of anime - (shout out to all my fellow Sailor Senshi's)- as well as re- runs of classic 1940's cartoons and tons of Barbie dolls. I found these to be empowering and would prance about daydreaming I was a vintage movie star one minute then a crime- fighting-magical-gal the next. Unable to find any dolls that looked like me I would often turn to creating retro- style paper dolls but in my image (puffy hair and all!).


Growing up in London enabled me to be submerged in so many subcultures, which not only influenced who I am, but also influenced my art. As I got older I was able to hone in on my love for the 1950's but wanted to add my own flair to it (which I am still working on) hence the sometimes "urban" or "lolita" elements in my personal style. In my own life I guess I would describe myself as a "50's obsessed- 90's ganagta rap listening- video game playing-Disney loving- lolita& cosplaying- black pin-up" (phew that's a mouthful!) I adore the idea of being an undefined mix of different interests because it's little unique quirks like this that make the world and people so interesting. It's something I wish to fully embrace and showcase more to the world in future.

Anyhoo, this is also true of my art which draws its influence from a mix of so many cartoons and people around me. The one thing that stood out to me was the fact that the pin-up world was filled with so many different, unique and interesting people and as I said; it's little unique quirks like this that make the world super duper interesting and inspiring.

As a result I wanted to create art that represented this, therefore I decided to pick up the pencil once again, on a mission to represent all the different and beautiful pin-ups and women I saw while adding in elements of manga/anime. For me there's nothing more satisfying than seeing the smile of someone I've doodled, knowing that person now has a little something that represents who they are - their uniqueness.


As a child I would spend ages daydreaming about magical anime worlds with a 50's twist and now I want to try and recreate this both in real life as well as through my art. Though my style is still continuously developing, I just hope I can push myself to create kawaii doodles, dolls and more for you all - adding a bit of nostalgic magic to the pin-up world in my own way.


Much love to you all xoxo >.<

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