Meet the Designer

My name is Angelina Lillian, I am from New York City and the Owner and Designer of Lillian*Madison.

Lillian*Madison was founded in 2009 after the passing of my Grandmother. The name Lillian*Madison derives from my Grandmother's name Lillian and Madison was the avenue she lived on. I named my business after my Grandmother because she loved jewelry. She had so many boxes of jewelry that I would be playing dress up with them for hours as a child. After she passed, making jewelry was an outlet for me. I would make necklaces, bracelets and earrings for my Mother, my friends and myself. One day I wanted a brooch of my favorite character, but I couldn’t find one that I liked and decided to make my own. I received such positive feedback from my brooch that I decided my main focus for Lillian*Madison would be brooches. I love the process of drawing characters and turning them into 3D wearable art.  My mission for Lillian*Madison is to create pieces that are unique and fun; pieces that outfits are built around.

All Lillian*Madison designs are made with high quality materials and hand crafted in New York City.