The Vault

A collection of brooches that were either custom, limited edition, or discontinued. Brooches that enter the vault are not released again.


  Diana Prince - Custom


 Yellow Brick Road


 Fiona the Flamingo


 2018 Ornament


2018 Nutcracker Nutcracker 2018


 Holiday Hostess 


Book of Spells Book of Spells


 Jack O' Lantern


Cady Corn brooch Candy Corn




 Nutcracker 2016


 Perfect Poodle


 Pinup Witch


 Tik Tok - Custom


 Pet Portrait - Custom


  Fiona & Shrek - Custom


 Socks the Cat


 Goldie the Cat




 Cowardly Lion




 Tin Man


 Mistress of Evil

 Frankie's Bride


 Super Heros


 Evil Queen's Heart Box


 Ballerina Pointe Shoes




 Portrait - Custom


 Halloween Fun - Custom


 Dapper Hats


 Pets - Custom


 Yoda & Muffin - Custom


  Portraits - Custom


 Carl Sagan - Custom


 Papow & Flo Logo - Custom


 Holiday Hostess 2016


 Merry Christmas Tree 2016


  Scaredy Cat


 Doggie Basket - Custom


  Glitter Hearts

Mischief - Custom


 Little Dino - Custom


 Cute Piggy - Custom


 Fancy Hats- Custom


 Puppy Love